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Sir app ka no dijie na.Man this video actually gave me the freaking chills down my spine.Good explanations.OMG itni information khi nhi mili thanks sir very very thanks.

What is a 'Money Factor, is also known as lease factor, or lease fee.Card charges kya h.Number 1 is the car.Now I have 1 year with it with 100% on time payments.I literally pays for nothing!Man, your intros are awasome!

Great video zawar bhai.

Great video zawar bhai.

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My public defender

My public defender

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Wish I still owned it.

Wish I still owned it.

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How about cash out your 401k to pay off the house. Is it a bad idea?

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I took a 3-year lease on Toyota Corolla LE 2016, and the lease ends on July 28, 2019. I only have 24,000 miles on it, and still have 12000 miles on my 3-year lease. The residual is approximately $ 12000.00. Should I turn it back in at the end of this lease with 12000 miles left ?...or should I buy the lease, since I still have 12K miles left in the lease ?

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I want to know that I am working in a couier company it's similar to logistics ? I am working as a manager so can i show my experience as a logistics manager or it's something different

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We had an upright Victrola when I was a kid (12 or so). I fooled with it so much that I broke the governor - making it useless. However, it had a supply of wooden needles (or, as you noted, bamboo). These produced a very mellow tone. We also had a needle trimmer - a scissor-like device with a triangle hold that held the wooden (er, bamboo) needle at the correct angle. Just snip - and the needle once again had a nice, sharp point. And I discovered that a straight pin did fine when the supply of steel needles was used up.


1:05:20 fire

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Wow super cool

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did I hear dual turbosooooooo

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Sir you are missed a step after applying and before star opening account

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lmao please keep the pvc coolant piping lolololol

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This is important for two types of people: people planning on driving their vehicle into the ground for years and years, and people buying a cheap vehicle end of life.People don’t buy high mileage vehicles, period. If you’re turning your car over in 2-4 years and you have high mileage, good luck selling it. Liquidity of an asset is very valuable and often overlooked.

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best one ever...!!thanks alot for posting this.

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Should you pay for floor mats or do those come with the car TOYOTA?


you should ask about autos .first and then post the video.


6:10 itzy ICY PLAYIN

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Ritz ka light kaisa h

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Agr banda admit na ho to pre hospitalise kharcha reimburse ho sakta hai

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0:56 It's so relaxing here.


19:29 dies in steam notifications


PLI schemeke bare mai janna hai


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This why defined contribution plans will prove tobe a disaster for 90% of Americans. Most people just can't do it.

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They knew they were getting an overpayment, he just didn't want to admit it on the show.I question if they are legally responsible to pay it back.If she was willing to quit, she may be able to wipe out the debt.She needs to see a lawyer.

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