Jefferson Transit (JeT): 2011 GILLIG BRT LF-40 (Diesel) #421 ~ w/ Cummins ISL9

Worth mentioning:When checking the tyres, check the depth of thread in different places width wise, so you know if the tyre wears evenly.To bai ye video fazool hy 60 hazar monthly say nechy kamany walo k liye.However, after adding my dad as a named driver (34 years of experience) it dropped down to 2024!This video gets 2 thumbs up from me!You are supporting a crook and corrupt Nawaz Shareef, Pak judges r loyal to Shareef family.

Man, I would like to have a CNC machine to build this.Saving ka, emi s aap k orher expension bhi control ho jayenge.Abalam song nice to hear.

32:04 David's kitchen

32:04 David's kitchen

You borrowed money and you are paying a very high amount to borrow it.It's not a problem if they dont wear a bra.The customer service representative said well if you pay it off early the finance people won't get their money.Uyraglile Mohanlal roles (paniker) suicide attempt.Glad I'm watching this so I know what to do, and what NOT to do, when building a custom pc.Thanks a lot sir gbu.The Asian guy name was Wrong Guy.This argument should be made by all pro-gun activists.The general HELOC System Approach in this Video may very well be a legitimate opportunity worth pursuing, however, the explanation provided in this video is absolutely Horrible and barely achieves any purpose whatsoever.Com for your loan up to $1M.

Didn't start keeping it in gear for awhile

Didn't start keeping it in gear for awhile

PbAccounting Stuff.Alloy wheels kai jarurat nhi h.The fliers at most of our local stores are nothing but processed food.Lol how'd that work out for you commie's?Do i need to buy honda care for a new vehicle?If anyone wants to get $5000 extra to invest for free.Jaise ki main rent pe rahta to hamara land lord ka vijli kabill mang rahahai private bank hai noida me yeh bill kitna mahatva rakhta hai.Just give a seed and I'll grow my own""How much for my medication?Any similarities?Gaadi toh phir rambharose chalti hai.

22, when the expansion happens and the price goes below the average line, why don't we enter the trade at the time?You provide great content for autos!Save that and replay in say 3 weeks.Sir g ya Jo ap nay code daya ha ya hum log kasy laga lay ga.Isse interest aur saving dono bachenge.Wtf is going on with the Fucking Camera Man why he didn't show us the screen when some illustration is going at there.That happens a lot, we had issues with the plumbing, the other thing I would always advice people to be on site while a build is done so you can check the way things are done, expats do tend you expect things to be done to a higher standard and other things done  differently to Filipinos.That would be the first time I heard of anyone wanting to spend money on a car running perfect.I feel like that would solve this problem.

Just the title of this video had me bursting out laughing!If you make 2 additional payments a year, your mortgage shrinks from 30 to 17 years.I have been soldering for 25 years straight and I feel like I have got hands-on experience but knowing something consciously is something else indeed.We had them on both my sons cars when they passed.Nice information.Kasi daw po araw araw nagbbyahe yung sasakyan.America’s generosity has been hard to find from any other countries.Kya ye log kuch reply krenge. Seriously, extremely stupid.

Crowned Bear

Where are the burnout crash sounds

Joseph Gomez

I want a brain scan!!!! I will pay money no joke, I will. Anyone know where I can get this done?

Rao ANKIT Yadav

Bhai Suzuki ki flip key hair??? ???

Zeth Hell

If you whereselling that car in Sweden, it skuld be sold direktly

Rahul raj king

Par ek bar paisa dina parta hai sab

Tom Killwhang

Used a lot now in maglev trains

Yenny Garcia

How long does it take for a credit card to close when is no longer in use and debt is paired off?


Term rider?

Russell Harris

The DB4 DB5,Haven't seen a better looking Aston since..............................

Gurpreet Singh

10 15 ?

Johnny Brascom

Every insurance company wants to sell you their best rates on car insurance.You tell them what you have, and they give you their so call best rate. You must know if that auto insurance will cover all the damages to the property. Most of all, you must know


marriage = ERROR ERROR

Malsha Nirmani

thank you for you... this is really really save my time.....

Sol Cutta

Damn...3 of my bloody 4 cars is on thatlist..Luckily not. Lol. My cars cost penny's compared to those

Jon Jones

I just don’t understand education loans and coming out in debt and totally stupid


Not everyone wants a fancy car Dave even if they have the money to buy it lol. He's a car person so he's judging his friend !!

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