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The nearest big city is Novosibirsk. We offer meetings in the airport and raiway stations. We will get you to Zavyalovo by car or by bus during 2-3 hours. The price is 3000 rub.

How to get here on your own?

  1.  Attention! It works only from April till October. Straight Mini-bus from Novosibirsk. Go to main bus station of Novosibirsk (avtovokzal автовокзал Krasnuj prospect,4)), take 513 marshrutka (minibus) , it goes at 9.40 a.m and 17.40 p.m. to Zavyalovo (price is 330R/pers). We strongly advice to buy tickets beforehand. If you go on Friday tickets for marshrutkas can be all sold out.
    Get off the bus at Pochta (Почта) busstop, cross the road, look for the red bench. The adress is Sovhoznaya Street (Совхозная улица) 63.
  2. Electric train from Novosibirsk + bus from Iskitim town.  Go to Rechnoj vokzal metro station/railway station in Novosibirsk and find electrichka (электричка). You need station called town Iskitim (Искитим). is the website where you can look for the schedule of trains. When you get off in Iskitim, in front of the railway station you will find the bus station, take bus 106 to Zavyalovo (Завьялово). It goes at 12.20 and 16.30 (price is 79R/pers). Be ready that bus can be overcrowded. Get off the bus at Pochta (Почта) busstop, cross the road, look for the white and red  fence. The adress is Sovhoznaya Street (Совхозная улица) 63.

e-mail or call before coming, please :)
E-mail:, 7 913 956 0680