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If you get the chance, a fun weird classic.Drivers are not a true subcontractor being we don’t set the prices, and that is what uber and lyft do.Congratulations Gagan ji.

Next up unboxing a terabyte50,000

Next up unboxing a terabyte50,000

Gaddar, tera itihas pura desh janta hai.THE WHOLE SYSTEM AND MINDSET IS ANTIQUATED AND IRRELEVANT TO THE REAL PROBLEMS OF SOCIETY!Excellent tips Jason.  Somebody contact the BBC and get these 3 the job!If it's under min oil.God if I ever miraculously had this car, I'd sell it asap so I could finally afford to live nicely in London!You gotta appreciate bakers!Here in Kansas my insurance company asks how much I want to insure my farm truck for right up front when it was first insured.

It's pathetic that some of these insurance companies charge over a sodding grand when a banger is worth 300-500 quid.This car without any problems would be a nice car for 12000 or what?" related topic and regretted the decision of buying a flat in an apartment.BMW is better overall.I fell at a restaurant and it did not take me very long to heal up however my question to you is how much of a chance do I have now going forward of getting anything for pain and suffering?Here's how they all go.Bent valve for sure.

Abe pagal agar pre payment ke liye paisa hota to koi loan kyu leta?Me frm Malaysia.The insulation serves to fill the dead-air space and prevent an air-fuel mixture in the can from igniting, and has worked for me after adding it.Well guess what, there's an additional EIGHT YEARS to the calendar that was JUST DISCOVERED.JL, Thank you to you and your crew for this Vid, I have downloaded it to watch it again and again, all the best from the Philippines, Cheers, warm regards to you and your Family.Bought myself out of it and got a 13 plate mx5.Send 76episode please.You have the loans being paid off in the same amount of years.

Now lets see

Now lets see

Should I increase my Emi or should make part payment of 25,000 on monthly basis.I am confused, what difference all the steps make if the dealer has agreed to my monthly payment terms.Sir my noumber is 9603613600please give me your mobile number sir.The heist is actually pretty cool if you ignore the hour of shitty gameplay you have to endure to play it.Sr court me agar koi false private complane case false witness k sath file karta hai.Do you guys speak Chinese?Mericar she ek bacchi death ho gayi 5 months bad car court sebell ho gaya Maine usme kam karwa dya hai koi claimed nahi kya mujhe kya karna chaiye please reply me.BIG things start small.5:15 Jay is not having this dood's jokes.Just to not sweat the small stuff and be a more laid back person.

One thing that makes me happy, though, is a new law.This beats the sht out of BMW's Valvetronic.I think I put too much rubbing alcohol on mine, and now it won’t hit.I work in policy Bazaar.Lol,nice mods man.4 CCtv 2 MP camara 12000 hazar me 2tr device ke sath aa jaye gaa sir ji.

Minute 5:33 really?I'm sharing this video with half the people I work with and most of my relatives.Kiya baat hai pakistan ma daby b caroru ma milty hain.THANK YOU SO MUCH I HAVE BEEN HELPED.Or would it be wise to wait for harrier.


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Kyle Fox

Great video!! Thank you

shahzo123 321

love nasir chonti

vijay sadhu

Hello sir,I'm live in Ahmadabad and think to buy mahindra thar for daily(10-15km / day) city use and some weekly Tour (under 100 km) ,so it's best car for me or i have to choose any other car,if thar is best choice then which variant is best For me


Do they sell much Gas? they seem to have so much of it but even you never mention gas as a source of heating on a narrowboat.

Dan Dan

As always you are very professional. I don’t really need to point out that you were completely in the right. That lady and I say lady very loosely is a disgusting excuse for a human being and guess what.... she has made herself even more famous’. I certainly wouldn’t have someone like that representing my business. You should of given her your business card so she could book herself refresher lessons. I passed my test 30 years ago and I still remember rage directed at myself whilst on my test even though I was completely in the right.....I passed first time. Great video as always. Hope the woman in this video is watching this video. My message to her is you are disgusting and an embarrassment!

Saurabh More

Value for money - petrol or diesel? Which value for money for petro

Ravi Raj

Ik admi lic me kitni pocliy lai sakta hai

Re Deem

If i have 11 collections should i send a letter for each one or 1 letter is sufficient for all of them please?

Lucian BUJOR

Affordable, even in Romania.

El Comedy Rogue

Will NEVER EVER trust a MAN who looks like he "Just for Mens" his beard.

vijay harode

Rescover as age badhta hai kya isme?

DarthSim 0214

Imagine letting a friend drive your Veyron and he just puts the gas where you put oil in.


Dad always told me that it takes more time to get a ticket than it does to slow down.


The most detailed, comprehensive car inspection I have ever seen. ( I refer for all 5 videos) Thank you. Now, how do I remember it all? :)


Amazing how bright the sparks are off of titanium.Looks like burning magnesium bright.Very cool build.

Kevin Walls

Minimum wage was a Jim Crow law.It's crazy to me that Bernie not only embraces it, he wants to expand it.

Suti Surat


Rapa Puma

Mercedes benz = THE BEST OR NOTHING hands down anybody


2:24 fuck yeah, instant karma!

megh raj

Sir lic ka sabse choti kist kitni h

Atomic Sauce

When nit picking a used car find out the price to fix each thing wrong with the car and use that as leverage for negotiating, anyone can say somethings wrong with car but not everyone knows the cost of fixing the problem if you can give reasoning to why you're offering less you'll more likely convince the seller.

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Super beaux

Philip Roji



Always good stuff. Thank you. Question: if i take the standard deduction for my wife and I, can we still claim the house expenses like mortgage interest, prop tax, etc?

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Attila the Nun

I love this bloke. What a pisser!!!

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Another possibility is the the factory splines are rolled to form the spline, then machined to size.

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